Solving the skilled labor shortage by increasing the supply.

Solving the skilled labor shortage requires removing barriers to employment and education by expanding equitable earn and learn programs.

The Talent Supply Chain is Broken

The supply of skilled labor is not large enough to fill the 11+ million job openings.

We must increase the available supply by creating equitable pathways to learning high-demand skills.

AxisU is building debt-free pathways through earn and learn programs targeted at upskilling and connecting millions of untapped talent to local employers.

Working in the Iowa House of Representatives, I quickly learned that cost of education was a major contributing factor to the workforce shortage and that government and legacy institutions could not move at the speed industry needed.

It was clear that a “toll free bridge” needed to be built to connect untapped talent to the skills they need and the employers who needed them.  

AxisU is that bridge. 

-Christian Gray, Founder and CEO