Is an Apprenticeship a Good Fit for Your Business?

Four Signs an apprenticeship is a good fit
There’s a lot of buzz about apprenticeships lately. Thinking about starting an apprenticeship program for your business? Here are four signs that it's a good fit for you.

There’s a lot of buzz about apprenticeships lately. Traditionally associated with the trades and blue-collar careers, apprenticeship programs are becoming increasingly popular in technology, healthcare, and business as employers look for new ways to attract, train, and retain talent. Thinking about starting an apprenticeship program for your business? Here are four signs that an apprenticeship program is right for you.

You’re struggling to find talent

If you’re struggling to find good candidates right now, you’re not alone. The growing skills gap means that it’s hard for many employers to find candidates with the skills they need. If that’s you, an apprenticeship might be the solution. Starting an apprenticeship program gives you the ability to equip workers with the skills you need, so you can focus on finding the right person.

You’re looking for long-term employees

Apprenticeships aren’t for employers who are used to “turning and burning” workers in their entry-level jobs. Starting an apprenticeship is an investment in your employees – you’re committing anywhere from one to three years in training and mentoring your apprentice before they’re a fully trained employee. If you do it right, they’ll provide value well before the completion of the program, and at the end you’ll have an employee that is well trained and dedicated to their job. Apprentices are more likely to stay with the company, incentivized by the structured progression an apprenticeship provides and a real sense of brand loyalty to the company that gave them the opportunity to start a career, and learn while earning a paycheck.

You’re willing to invest in training and mentorship

Starting an apprenticeship means dedicating time of a senior employee to training and mentoring your apprentice. Your apprentice should be paired with a mentor who will show them the ropes and lead them through their on the job training. The role of a mentor should go beyond just training – providing professional support is key to helping apprentices succeed, and helps them become comfortable and confident in the workplace.

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword to you

If you’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring, starting an apprenticeship program can be a great way to reach underrepresented groups. The cost of education is a barrier for many. Removing education requirements and providing learning opportunities through an apprenticeship allows you to reach pools of untapped talent. An apprenticeship program is an investment in your community, creating a new path for individuals to start a rewarding career.

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