Dental Assistant Training

As a Dental Assistant, you will be responsible for general clinic administrative work and maintenance, as well as completing lab work under the direction of the dentist. After completing this course you will be able to prepare the examination rooms for appointments by sterilizing instruments and ensuring all necessary equipment is ready for the dentist. You will also learn how to assist the dentist during their procedures and appointments.


These videos are freely available on Youtube and many have advertisements. Central Iowa Works is not responsible for or does not endorse any content or products in the advertisements or the sponsors of the videos. These videos are compiled from recommendations from a list from Washington State Dental Association for OJT dental assistants, Impact Dental Training (an Iowa Dental Board-approved CE sponsor), dental assistant educators, and dental professionals in Iowa. The videos are for instructional purposes therefore, may demonstrate functions without the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or functions that are only not allowable for dental assistants under trainee status. It is the responsibility of the DAT and supervising dentist to only allow functions allowed by the IDB for a DAT and that the DAT is competent to perform. Each DAT and supervising dentist are required to use proper infection control and hazard protection and practice under current Iowa Dental Board rules. Although some videos may cover procedures that you do not perform in your practice, it is required for the DAT to review all videos, however, the OJT experience is optional. It is important to give a DAT a uniform and basic dental assisting education for any dental practice while allowing the dentist to have control to what procedures are actually performed. All Radiology, Jurisprudence and Infection Control* courses are administered by IMPACT (paid for by Central Iowa Works). These three courses are Iowa-specific and will prepare the DAT for the three Iowa Dental Board exams. *Employers must offer OSHA training on site-specific information (i.e. the dental practice’s type of surface disinfectant, sterilization, etc.) before an employee is exposed to BBP or other potential hazards. However, the Impact Infection Control Course needs to be completed prior to DAT attempting the Iowa Dental Board exam

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1. Essential Dental Assisting Skills
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