Heating and Residential Appliances

This course introduces students to the basic principles, practices, operations, service and installation of residential heating equipment through the use of lectures, demonstrations, and lab experiences. The function and operational characteristics of residential heating equipment, its wiring, and safety procedures are studied. Electric controls such as thermostats, defrost controls, relays, and contractors are studied, as well as capacitors, power distribution, motors, protective devices, system malfunction diagnosis, corrective procedures, and the refrigerants used in residential heating. This course also introduces a basic understanding of load calculations, the installation and service of residential heating appliances, ventilation requirements, and piping techniques. This course reinforces the use and operation of electrical and mechanical test equipment, wiring diagrams and schematics, service manifolds, test equipment, flaring, soldering and brazing skills.

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  • 5 Lessons
  • 18 Topics