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What does a Welder do?

The main duty of a Welder is to join metal parts together. They may also fix holes in metal objects as well. They work on the metal components of various structures including pipelines, bridges, power plants, buildings, refineries, automobiles, or ships. 

Skilled welders are desperately needed all over the country. So, if you’re looking for a skill that you could use virtually anywhere, welding could very well be for you. 

A welder may not only be expected to work with metal, but also with people. In addition to knowing his/her own craft, a welder must also be able to perform many other functions in order to get the job done. Each day a welder enters a job site, he or she will be faced with a multitude of tasks that involve working overhead and off the access platforms, communicating effectively with others, and knowing how to work safely.

What skills are required?

  • Knowledge of metals
  • Read and follow plans or blueprints
  • Ability to operate a welding power supply
  • Follow safety procedures and best practices

Education Requirements

A career in welding doesn’t require a degree. Most jobs require passing a hands-on welding test or evaluation, and some jobs may require you to obtain a welding certification.

How much does a Welder get paid?

The median annual salary for a Welder is $41,380.

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