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A Recruiting Platform for Business to Access & Up-Skill Non-Traditional Talent

The Skilled Labor Shortage Explained


In every community, there are tons of amazing people who want to make more money but can’t afford to go to school part-time, work part-time, and still take care of their families. They’re called “non-traditional job-seekers” and you probably see them every day at the grocery store, gas station, or even at your kid’s basketball game.

Tuition Reimbursement Programs are a great tool, but they don’t meet the needs of non-traditional job-seekers because they rely on outdated traditional education methods that emphasize in-person classroom training.

To solve your company’s skilled labor shortage you need the ability to easily access and up-skill non-traditional talent through on-the-job training and supplementary online training that is flexible for your employees to do on nights and weekends.  

That’s what AxisU solves for.

How It Works


Custom-branded landing pages are used to capture and pre-qualify the best candidates. 


Industry-standard training linked to core on-the-job competencies designed to build the skills you need.


Automated training management and engagement keep your employees engaged and retained.

How To Use AxisU

Up-skill existing employees into higher ROI Positions

Every business has a base of individuals in entry-level positions who would like to advance into more skilled positions to make more money, but they lack the time and financial resources to use traditional education. AxisU provides a pathway to up-skill the employees you have and backfill more easily fillable entry-level positions. 

Hire Non-Traditional Job Seekers

AxisU gives your business the internal training tools necessary to make employment offers that don’t require a 2-year degree or 2 years of experience. Opening your business to 52% more candidates in your community. 

Build Sustainable High School Talent Pipelines

Over 40% of all high school graduates in America will never step foot into a two or four-year college. AxisU’s platform makes it easy to partner with your high schools work-based learning program allowing you to provide pathways to access an untapped workforce sooner than your competition. 

Industries We Serve

Explore a career in Welding and earn a Welding First Step certificate by completing this course.

Dive into the world of Construction and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high-demand trade.

Learn the increasingly tech enabled world of Diesel Technology and start a career today!


The AxisU Difference

Traditional Education

  • Keeps over half the population from learning the skills your business needs
  • Costs $7,000 – $10,000 per year
  • Emphasizes in-person classroom training 
  • Incentivized to keep butts in seats for as long as possible

AxisU Model

  • Allows anyone with an internet connection to learn anything, for free.
  • Saves employers an average of $9,000 per employee
  • Emphasizes on-the-job training, making them more valuable to your company
  •  Incentivized to help create highly skilled people as quickly as possible.

I strongly believe that AxisU will make a massive difference in your business’s workforce needs. We are not here to replace the partnerships your business has with Community Colleges and Universities. We are here to be a tool in your company’s recruitment and training tool belt allowing you to access and up-skill the other half of the population whose life circumstances do not allow them to pursue traditional education routes.  If you want to recruit more skilled employees and make a massive impact in people’s lives then let’s talk.

-Christian Gray: Founder of AxisU

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