The Best Candidates
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Transform training into a strategic talent advantage, improving your recruiting, retention and diversity. 

Discover Hidden Talent in Your Community

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The skilled talent you're looking for doesn't exist.

Only 48% of Americans have training beyond high school, which leaves 90+ million individuals without the skills your business needs.

The best solution is filling your hiring needs is to
build your supply.

"If you build it they will come" - Field of Dreams

Reduce recruiting and hiring burnout.

Diversify talent in your organization.

Save your organization money!

Gain access to an immediate pipeline of pre-screened talent.

Utilize curated training specific to your organization’s needs!

Gain a partner that understands your needs with a custom solution.

Explore a career in Welding and earn a Welding First Step certificate by completing this course.

Dive into the world of Construction and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high-demand trade.

Learn the increasingly tech enabled world of Diesel Technology and start a career today!

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