The Shortest Path Between Students and the Skills They Need.

College is a great option for some students, but not every student. Our Pre-Apprenticeship Academy can help connect your students with the skills they need and with local employers who need them.

Career Pathways

Explore a career in Welding and earn a Welding First Step certificate by completing this course.


Dive into the world of CNC and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high demand trade.

Dive into the world of Construction and gain the skills necessary to land a role with a company in this high-demand trade.

Learn the increasingly tech enabled world of Diesel Technology and start a career today!


Gain exposure to local career opportunities and start learning the skills you need to succeed in a Registered Appretniceship program.

Shining a light on hidden talent helping districts create more career-ready students.  

What You Gain As A District

How it works

Program Design

We design a learning platform branded to your school and load it with CTE curriculum.

Engage Students

We provide marketing materials and ongoing support to engage students with learning and employment opportunities.

Connect With Community

We engage and connect with the local business community in tandem to build a network of debt-free career opportunities for your students through registered apprenticeship programs.

Our Skilled & Happy Partners

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